The brush roller

The brush roller is generally composed of a metal shaft, a brush wire attachment (plastic tube, nylon tube, etc.), and a brush wire. The processing procedures include: axle, casing (casting), eye picking, wool planting, and

Industrial brushes

According to the brushes intended use the fibres may be fitted in a zigzag, in a herringbone, or helicoid shape, mounted on different bases (plastic, wood or aluminium) and mixed manually or automatically. Each brush is

Roller Brushes

Roller Brushes are usually constructed by either winding strip brush around a mandrel or punching filaments into a body. Both methods have idiosyncrasies that are suitable for particular uses. Punch Filled (or Staple

Strip brushes

The strip brush is a U-shaped steel channel or strip (1), predominately zinc-coated or stainless steel (sometimes in brass or aluminium). A centre wire (2) made of the same material is placed in the U. The filaments

Strip Brush Applications

Brush Strips or Metal Back Strip Brushes, as they are often referred to are extremely versatile in size, shape and materials and can be used across a wide variety of configurations & contours matched by a wide selection of

Tube Cleaning Brushes

Tube Cleaning Brushes are known by a variety of names such as bottle, spiral, twisted in wire, bore, pipe or internal cleaning brushes. They are more flexible than cylindrical tube brushes and are used in many different

Staple Set Brushes

Punch Filled (or Staple set) brushes are produced by stapling tufts of wire, filaments or natural fibers securely into a plastic, wood, steel or aluminum body to create the desired configuration to suit the cleaning application.


All types of domestic and industrial brooms are available in a variety of sizes & fill materials: Coco Fibre, Bassine, Bass, Bahia, Polypropylene, Nylon, Nylon 6, PET and PBT. Our brush machines can produce all types of stales

Escalator brushes

Anti-pinch devices should consist of rigid and flexible parts (e.g. brushes, rubber profiles). In practical applications, the application of brush performance better than rubber, basically make with aluminum alloy base and

Sanitation brush

Disk brushes or wire-type disc brushes installed in municipal sanitation vehicles for street cleaning are the most representative sanitation brush. Products include sweeper roller brushes, sheet-type roller combination

Special-shaped brush

The special-shaped brush has always been regarded as a light industrial consumer product. China is the world's largest producer of bristles. Paint brushes with bristles as the main raw material and wool brushe with wool

Snow brushes, snow brush rollers

The snow sweeping brush/snow sweeping brush roller is a kind of sanitation brush installed in the municipal sanitation vehicle for cleaning street snow. Drill holes at a certain angle (∠135°) on the cut PP disc, and then use

Power brushes

Power brushes are designed primarily for the removal of detritus, debris, swarf, burrs, waste and sharp edges. Power brushes are also essential for surface preparation or finishing, including steel, aluminum, timber and ...

Decorating & Finishing Brushes

TOPSTAR Brush Machine produces a huge array of standard & specialist brushes for Decorating, Hobbies, Furniture Finishing, Timber Finishing & Graining, Waxing, Polishing and Buffing. Decorating brushes suitable for

Road sweeping Brushes

TOPSTAR Brush Machine manufactures a wide-ranging assortment of road sweeping brushes, such as roller brushes, side disc brushes, side brooms, front brushes, board brooms and profiled brushes, across an ...

Floor cleaning brushes

The disc brush is the essential organ of all floor-cleaning machines and assures the efficiency of the equipment. The side brushes grab hold of the dust whilst the main/central brush guide the waste towards a built-in skip.

Bar brushes for grass sweepers

Bar brushes are generally on a plastic base assuring their resistance to the elements and early wearing-out. They generally have a plastic support ensuring a resistance to the external elements and premature age

Wire brushes

Wire brush Product Category: Steel wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, steel wire brush, wire pipe brush, spring wire brush and so on. The wire type used in the wire brush is 201 #, 206 #, 304

Palmfibre brush

A variety of brushes made of palm fiber and sisal are called palmfibre brushes. Palmfibre brush has a lot of alias. People used to call Tampico brush, palm sweep brush, palm fiber brush, arenga engleri brush, sisal

Disc brush

The disc brush is a kind of cleaning, grinding, finishing, polishing, deburring effect of items.Generally used to clean the ground, the surface of the treatment, to enhance the overall appearance of the workpiece beauty.

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