Strip Brush Applications

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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Brush Strips or Metal Back Strip Brushes, as they are often referred to are extremely versatile in size, shape and materials and can be used across a wide variety of configurations & contours matched by a wide selection of filaments, wires and metal back types to suit many applications.

Brush Strip can be used for a variety of finishing, brushing, grading and sealing applications.

Brushing Applications

Cleaning - an effective use for cleaning debris from conveyor systems, circuit boards, paper products, plastic film production, washing vegetables, brushing fruit, glass washing, pallet cleaning, sieve conveyors and many more applications. Strip Brushes, can be fixed for continuous conveyor cleaning but can also be constructed as a roller brush that can be mounted in a fixed or mobile position. Ibex Industrial Brushes can provide all the necessary bearings, motors, housing & parts to create you preferred solution.

Custom Applications

Brush Strip can be manipulated into most shapes and designs including straight lengths with profiled filaments, profiled metal backs, multiple coils with either external or internal filaments which can be profiled to suit the application, single discs, skirt or cup type brushes. 

Finishing Applications

Strip brush can be used in a variety of finishing applications on steel, aluminium, non - ferrous metals, timber or clay.

Sealing Applications

Containment - used as part of a conveyor system to assist the transportation of goods or to prevent products from moving or escaping from the conveyor belt.

Dirt & Dust - Strip Brushes can prevent dirt & dust particles building up in factory, clean room environments, filtration systems, wood working machinery, farm equipment and buildings.

Sealing & Separating Plugs - These act as an effective separation, flow control or dividers in many different environments, these are available in specialist material fills.

Air Flow - An efficient method of air penetration and draught exclusion along with temperature control. Strip Brushes can be used to create a barrier between hot & cold environments on any barriers, doors, windows, closures or openings in either an Industrial or residential usage.

Light Exposure - Strip Brush decreases or can eradicate the penetration of light exposure in sensitive areas, for instance medical X-ray equipment, film processing, light boxes.

Barriers - Efficient as a shield or barrier, to either contain debris & detritus from all types of Industrial uses such as wood working machines, spray booths, the prevention of liquid & mist escape, smoke, fumes, smells and air movement or as a barrier to rodent or insect infiltration from external sources.

Weather sealing - Strip Brush is the perfect solution to keep out draughts and cold weather in all types of buildings, ships or platforms.

Noise Reduction - seals gaps to dampen noise.

Truck & Lorry weather flaps - vehicle guards & skirts against road debris, up to 30" in overall trim are available.

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