Brush Machine Classification

Classified by moving axis, there are 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis and 8-axis. Classified by brush type, mainly divided by household brush making machine and industrial technical brush making machine. Classified by function, mainly includes drilling and filling machine, tufting machine, drilling ......

Numbers of moving axes and their orbits

The 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis, which refers to the number of axes of movement. The 2-axis is generally designed to left-and-right movement, forth-and-back movement, such as 2-axis broom tufting machine; rotation and forth-and-back movement, such as roller brush making machine. The

What do the 5-head, 3-head and single head stand for?

The main functions of brush making machine is drilling and tufting. 5-head stands for 3 drillings and 2 fillings, equipped with a workbench 6 or 12 fixtures, works in continuous cycle, high efficiency. 3-head is designed by 2 drillings and 1 filling, equipped with a table 3 clamps, works in continuous cycle, high ...

What’s the tufting types?

There are two tufting types: flat wire and round wire. Flat wire (also called anchor type), flat wire is inserted across the hole to hold bristle. Round wire (also called staple wire, staple type, and punch filled type), round wire is shaped as a u-shape and inserted in the hole to hold filaments. For staple wire ......

How to choose a suitable brush machine?

Here are some tips: 1) Broom/brush is pre-hole, and tufting surface is flat, such as floor broom, outside broom, cloth brush, bed brush, paint brush, scrub brush, BBQ brush, lath brush, etc., You can choose a 2 axis tufting machine. 2) For regular curved broom, single hockey toilet brush, ceiling brush, hair brush

What spare part will be changed when produce different brush in the same machine?

Need to replace platform; it has other names like table, worktable, and workbench. There are round platform (for round toilet brush, double hockey brush, etc.), flat platform (for broom, cloth brushes, etc.), roll platform (for cylindrical brush), disc platform (for disc brush, etc.). Need to replace fixture; 

How to choose the appropriate brush-making machine according to the different brushes?

Brooms: 1. For flat broom pre-molded hole, you can choose 2 axis single tufting machine model number SF2A. 2. For curve broom pre-molded hole, you can choose 4 axis single tufting machine model number SF4A or 5 axis single tufting machine model number SF5A. 3. For angle brooms and need to

What’s the advantage of small machine head system?

The small machine head system is more suitable to fill animal hair such as pig bristle, very slim fiber, steel wire and copper wire; it’s suitable for filling small hole (not bigger than 3.0mm), and short fiber (shorter than 40mm) as well.

What are the functions of operating system?

PLC and touch screen control system, multi-language version, Chinese, English and Spanish. With functions of insert, division, array, offset, modify and other edit functions, flexible and convenient operation, easy to program. Can save 1000 different brushes programs.

What’s the wearing tufting spare parts?

We will provide extra a set of consumable tufting spare parts together with each new brush machine, free of charge. Spare part list as bellow: tufting needle, bristle mouths, pushing block, cutting base, alloy cutter, concave die, convex die, convex die baseplate, bristle picker, bristle conveyor holder. 

How do we pack brush machine?

Usually, brush machine will be packed in two parts. After clean up, TOPSTAR brush machine will be sprayed with oil or wiped with butter, and then it will be wrapped up with PET film, and packed into wooden case and fixed.

Configurations of brush machine

Configurations of brush machine, imported brands of main motor, Taiwan PLC, frequency converter, servo motor, driver, imported bearings, etc. 

Precautions for use Brush Machine

1, The operator should often add drops of lubricating oil on each moving part of the tufting machine, so as to decrease abrasion and prolong its life. 2, Operator should periodically check whether there is any loosen screw, it should be tighten before use. 3, Please keep guide rail and ball screw clean, and

What are the main functional interfaces?

The main function interfaces of system are: 1. Work interface, also known as the process interface.  2. Edit interface, also known as the teach interface. 3. Setup interface, also known as the parameter interface. 4. Product interface, also known as the file interface. In addition, there are system diagnostics

Parameter interface settings

In general, the parameter interface is password protected. The customer should keep the password properly and a non-administrator cannot change the password at will. The machine's various technical parameters has been set up in the factory before delivery, generally it cannot be arbitrarily chan

Semi-automatic and Automatic

There are two run modes: Semi auto and Automatic. Under the mode of semi auto, after machine finished a product or a working circle, machine will stop. Under the mode of automatic, machine operates continuously without any stop. Operator must turn on“Auto”when starts mass production.

How to fill two colors? What are 0 and 1 stand for?

First, go to the setup interface to choose “double color”, and then access to the edit interface / teach interface, change 0 to 1 in the columns of “Color” of those holes that need to be filled with the second color.  0 and 1 stand for two filament boxes, 0 is default.

How to adjust the amount of filaments/bristle?

How to fill more or less bristle according to hole big or small?  Change different Bristle-Picker / bristle-conveyor. Or adjust the opening hole of Bristle-Picker / bristle-conveyor. For more information, please have a look at this FAQ. 

Programming and naming

Different products, programming in different ways. For the injected holes, one mold several cavities, if all cavities can be done exactly the same, operator can program any cavity and use the same programming on the others cavities products. If cavities are different, operator needs to program for

What is the origin, what is the work station? What is the difference between the two?

The origin refers to the origin of the system of the brush machine, which is a fixed point on the brush machine. It is the reference point for commissioning and machining. It is unique. Each brush machine has its mechanical coordinates. After booting, there will be an operation called "origin reset", when ......

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