What are the main functional interfaces?

2016-11-23 10:41:49

The main function interfaces of system are:


1. Work interface, also known as the process interface.

It shows the status of the product processing, such as product name, total holes, speed, output and other information.


2. Edit interface, also known as the teach interface.

In the edit interface, operator can perform a series of operations of program, save, modify, insert, offset, divide, delete and so on.


3. Setup interface, also known as the parameter interface.

It’s used to set the main parameters of the machine, such as operating parameters, management parameters, coordinate parameters, speed parameters, etc.


4. Product interface, also known as the file interface.

In the product file interface, operator can view product details, can copy, transfer and delete product files as well.


In addition, there are system diagnostics interface, help interface and so on.

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