Precautions for use Brush Machine

2016-11-23 10:40:56

1,  The operator should often add drops of lubricating oil on each moving part of the tufting machine, so as to decrease abrasion and prolong its life.


2,  Operator should periodically check whether there is any loosen screw, it should be tighten before use.


3,  Please keep guide rail and ball screw clean, and make sure that there are no scraps sticking on them, so as not to affect the positioning accuracy.


4,  Ensure electric box works in ventilated environment, avoid humid or high temperature environments; prevent electric box severe vibration. 


5,  Please keep electric box far away from strong electromagnetic fields, otherwise it may appear non-controlled situations.


6,  Make sure that input power connections are correct. Red, blue and green lines are respectively connected with 38V / 220V three-phase lines, and yellow-green line is connected with earth wire.


7,  Stabilize working voltage, maintained at AC220V±10V or AC380V±10V; Over-voltage may burn electronic components.


8,  Prohibits tapping the touch screen with a hard object, otherwise it will lead to decreased sensitivity, and even smashed the glass screen.


9,  Prohibits too vigorously pulling cables.


10,  Attention that there is high-voltage electricity inside of the electric box. When faulty, non-professionals do not disassemble, to prevent electric shock, or even destroy system data.

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