Configurations of brush machine

2016-11-23 10:39:45


Configurations   of machine


Mechanical structure

Designed   by 3 drillings and 2 fillings, cam drive, European structure

Reasonable   structure, mechanical collisionless, low noise, easy maintenance, high   stability.

Electrical components

Imported   brands of main motor, PLC, frequency converter, servo motor, driver

Make   the brush machine more stable and durable.

Drill unit

1.5KW   high-power high-speed spindle

Reliable   quality, suitable to drill hole diameter under 7mm plastic and wooden blocks.  

Brake motor

1.5KW   Italy-made brake motor

Imported   brand, quality guarantee.

Protective device

Wire,   pushing blade, tufting needle, monofilament box are protected.

The   entire equipment has a good protection, it automatically stop once failure occurred.  

Operating system

Touch   screen, support multi-language, insert, copy, deviation, 1000 storage   products programs.

Operation   and maintenance are convenient and efficient, improve production efficiency.

Length of fiber after fold

Standard   type the length of fiber after fold 130mm

Lengthen   type the length of fiber after fold 180mm

Superlong   type the length of fiber after fold 250mm

The   length of fiber does not affect the speed of tufting.

Tufting tools

3.0-12-0.63.5-14-0.74.0-14-0.74.0-16-0.8   5.0-19-0.9  6.0-21-0.9

Matches   standard tufting tools, interchangeable.

Type of picking

Circle-arc   bristle picker can pick and convey 0.05-1.5mm fiber, and 3*2 PP fiber.

Picking   is stable, adaptation is widely.


Linkage   of X, Y, Z, A, B five axes

±90 degrees brush product can be   customized.

Filament box

Double   color monofilament box, for long and short fibers, with functions of   pneumatic pressing and flapping.

Large   monofilament box design, feed monofilament without stopping.

Screw guide

Taiwan   TBI or ABBA slider and guide rail, high precision grinding lead screw

Reliable   quality, stable operation, automatic refueling


Flat   brush or fan-shaped brush or curved brush or disc brush    round toilet brush or dish brush  cylindrical brush, roller brush, or   hair brush, comb  Irregular special brush

Worktable   interchangeability, to adapt to more different brushes.

Dust collector

2.2KW   high power collector

Reclaim   clastics and make workshop clean and tidy.


Standard   type the maximum speed limit 450 holes/min

Lengthen   type the maximum speed limit 300 holes/min

Superlong   type the maximum speed limit 180 holes/min

It   is free to set speed in the control panel.

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