What is the origin, what is the work station? What is the difference between the two?

2016-11-23 10:47:38

The origin refers to the origin of the system of the brush machine, which is a fixed point on the brush machine. It is the reference point for commissioning and machining. It is unique.

Each brush machine has its mechanical coordinates. After booting, there will be an operation called "origin reset", when complete this action, the stop position of the XYZAB axis of the machine is the origin of the coordinate in the brush machine, coordinates are (X0 , Y0, Z0, A0, B0).

Note: After switch on and before turning off, operator must reset the origin position of the spindle and the platform.


The workpiece coordinate origin, called work station for short. Also known as the workpiece origin or programming origin. Operator can decide the location for himself. The coordinates are not necessarily (X0, Y0, Z0, A0, and B0).

The establishment of work station is conducive to pick and place the brush blocks easily.

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