What is a dry test? What is the role of dry test?

2016-11-23 10:48:47

Do a dry test we called it as Dakongji. After the installation of brush machine, we add proper amount of lubricating oil in the brush machine, set up the lowest speed, with or without staple wire/flat wire (different tufting system) to run the brush machine for 24-72 hours or more. That is Dakongji.


Its role is to run the brush machine to feel whether the machinery became jammed (hard to run), check the electrical components and moving parts heat up or not, make the moving parts of the machine are fully linked. Maximize machine performance and use the machine in normal.


As the machining parts cannot be 100% accurate, the new machine put into use generally takes about 1 month of run-in period.

During the run-in period, it's better to limit speed, proper use of lubricating oil and other effective measures, to make each parts of the machine to adapt to the working environment and can be adjusted and upgraded. Machine running in good or bad will have important impact on the machine life, safety and economy, it cannot be ignored.

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