How to choose a suitable brush machine?

2016-11-23 10:32:40

Here are some tips:

1)  Broom/brush is pre-hole, and tufting surface is flat, such as floor broom, outside broom, cloth brush, bed brush, paint brush, scrub brush, BBQ brush, lath brush, etc., You can choose a 2 axis tufting machine.

2)  For regular curved broom, single hockey toilet brush, ceiling brush, hair brush, textile brush, ceramic brush, cylinder brush, roller brush, 3-axis brush machine is recommend.  

3)  4-axis machine is able to produce curved broom, disc brush, toilet brush, double hockey brush, and other brushes.

4)  With a very flexible platform, 5-axis brush machine is suitable for many types of brushes. Such as flat-surface brushes, curved-surface brushes, spheral brushes, irregular brushes. It needs to replace platform and fixture according to brush shape and size. 5-axis drilling and filling machine is usually used to produce wood push brooms, plastic floor brooms, scrub brush, toilet brushes, double hockey brushes, car brushes, dish brushes, shoes brushes, duster, cylindrical brushes, disc brushes, and so on.  


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