Wire brushes

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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Wire brush Product Category:

      Steel wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, wire brush, steel wire brush, wire pipe brush, spring wire brush and so on.


Wire Brush Wire Type:

      The wire type used in the wire brush is 201 #, 206 #, 304 #, 316 # and so on, select the corresponding steel wire for different purposes, choose different wire diameter, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and achieve the desired cleaning effect. In the case of


Wire Brush Material Overview:

      201 # steel wire is easier to rust after flooding, 206 # stainless steel wire toughness ratio is much stronger than the 204 #, applicable to the aluminum plant on the aluminum surface scratches, the rationale for special treatment, or for the plastic industry, wood Industry deburring and so on. 304 # stainless steel wire is a relatively high quality of a wire, it is not only tough and strong, and acid and alkali resistance, suitable for steel or mining, machinery manufacturing industry, the steel surface rust, to oil, pickling and so on. There are two kinds of straight wire and corrugated wire, the thickness of the wire may be based on different needs.


Wire brush application:

Wire brush, especially wire brush roller is usually used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plant, by a series of stainless steel wire brush roll installed in the automatic high-speed operation of the brush polishing machine (brush machine) on. The wire brush roller rotates the brush at high speed on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip in the direction opposite to the movement of the workpiece. Brush the iron oxide skin with a closed loop cooling water rinse system flush. General use of wire rod thickness of 1.09-6.35mm, wire brush update cycle for each production of 20,000 t sheet or 40,000 t coil


Copper wire brush:

Specifications: L108mm * W64mm * H19mm (wire height) * Wire diameter: 0.127mm Brush fine, soft and flexible, fine texture, is an essential tool for cleaning anilox roller (ceramic or metal roll)! It is used for brushing of ceramic anilox roller, metal anilox roller and gravure printing roller, and it is used with anilox roller cleaning agent. Daily cleaning is the cleaning of the anilox roll in time after stopping, which can effectively prevent the ink from drying in the mesh The Generally using a special chemical cleaning agent, through the softening and dissolving the ink in the mesh to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The specific cleaning method is to brush the anilox roller on the anilox roller cleaning agent, to be a foam and then use a special steel wire brush (copper wire brush for metal anilox roller) in the anilox roller surface evenly spiral scrub, After rinsing with water. In the case of

Note: stainless steel superfine elastic wire brush is used to clean the ceramic anilox roller, which is due to the hardness of the ceramic is much greater than the hardness of the wire, the wire brush will not damage the anilox roller roller ceramic layer. Super-fine stretch copper brush is used to clean chrome-plated metal anilox roller, gravure printing roller commonly used cleaning tools, with the use of cleaning agent better.


Wooden handle wire brush:

     Common specifications 6 * 14 or 5 * 14 holes, 304 stainless steel wire or ordinary wire can be. Each hole is usually 5 root fold implantation, wire extension is about 20mm long. Ordinary wire made of brushes easy to rust, without the use of 304 stainless steel wire made of wood handle wire brush quality difference is too much.

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