Industrial brushes

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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A major manufacturing tool in production equipment, or a necessary accessory in technical installations, the brush is one of the guarantors of the reliability of the production process.


According to the brushes intended use the fibres may be fitted in a zigzag, in a herringbone, or helicoid shape, mounted on different bases (plastic, wood or aluminium) and mixed manually or automatically. Each brush is a response adapted to each set of special demands or problems


Types of brushes:

·         Disc

·         Flat

·         Cylindrical

·         Half-shell

·         Circular

·         Wolves' head

·         On a runner

·         Steel

Possible fillings:

·         Polypropylene

·         Nylon

·         Polyester

·         Rilsan

·         Acier

·         Vegetable fiber

·         Animal hair

·         Mixture possible


Cylinder Brushes Strip Brushes Wheel Brushes Cup Brushes Twisted Knot Brushes End Brushes Hand & Maintenance Brushes Pipeline Inspection Brushes Twisted In Wire Brushes Conveyor Cleaning Cylinder Brushes Centerless Grinder Brushes Food Conveyor Cleaning Brushes

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