Sanitation brush

2016-10-10 11:32:00


Sanitation brush overview

Sanitation brush: Drill holes at a certain angle (135°) on the cut PP disc, and then use the cut flat steel wire or PP brush wire and nylon wire to fold in half and insert them in series. The brush is installed in the municipal sanitation vehicle. For cleaning streets, clearing snow, etc.  

Disk brushes or wire-type disc brushes installed in municipal sanitation vehicles for street cleaning are the most representative sanitation brushes. Products include sweeper roller brushes, sheet-type roller combination sweeping brushes, roller sweeper brushes, sweeper brushes, square sweeping brushes, round branch sweeping brushes, sewage treatment brushes, scrubber brushes, computers Car wash brushes, etc. The sanitation truck disc sweeping brush is made of high-strength plastic brush wire, which is used to clean the dirt on the ground; the roller brush is used for the washing machine. Materials available are PP brush wire, PA wire or steel wire.


The material composition of the sanitation brush

Bristles: high temperature nylon, pp silk  

Flocking can be straight, plum, V and spiral  

The diameter of a single round wire is 0.62.0mm  

Flat wire 2*1.5mm, 3*2mm

The brush body has nylon roller, PVC roller

Disc brush - diameter 200600mm

Brush body: pvc board, pp board, pp disk

Bristles: high temperature nylon, pp silk




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