Special-shaped brush

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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The special-shaped brush has always been regarded as a light industrial consumer product. China is the world's largest producer of bristles. Paint brushes with bristles as the main raw material and wool brushes with wool as the main raw material were once the flagship products of the brush industry, occupying a considerable share of the domestic and export markets. With the rapid development of the industry and the increasingly high requirements of the architectural coatings industry, problems have gradually emerged, especially the processing technology of paint brushes and wool brushes is mainly manual, and the operation process is long and the processing process is long. The features of cumbersome and low efficiency per unit time have been unable to adapt to the production of large quantities of orders. At the same time, the advancement of industrialization also requires the brush industry to introduce new products to meet the needs of other industries other than construction and home furnishing, especially special-shaped brushes in food processing, metal polishing, steel plate pickling, furniture production and other industries. And custom production requirements for brush rollers.


Under the influence of such a large environment, brush rollers with imported abrasive filaments as the main raw material and other abrasive brushes came into being, and gradually replaced paint brushes and became the darling of emerging markets.


Compared with nylon 1010 filament, 610 filament and other plastic filaments, the abrasive filament contains silicon carbide or alumina, with rough surface and obvious graininess, which can effectively carry out prominent processing of metal and wood surfaces and grinding and polishing of uneven surfaces. The characteristics of long life, lodging resistance, high temperature resistance and fatigue resistance are unmatched by ordinary plastic wires.  


The brush roller with abrasive wire as the main raw material can be widely used in the food processing industry and the surface treatment industry of wood and wood, and it is one of the effective tools for grinding and polishing.  


Of course, depending on the working surface and working intensity, the requirements for the silk quality of the brush roller are also different. In addition to nylon wire, PP wire and abrasive wire, other silk materials include: 304 stainless steel wire, copper wire and the softest sharpening wire, flowering wire and so on. 


Among them, stainless steel wire and copper wire are mainly used in steel plate pickling industry and gem grinding industry because of their high hardness, with long service life and high grinding strength. The sharpened silk and flowering silk are soft and suitable for deinking of printing patterns. Different industries should decide which wire to use as a grinding tool according to their own characteristics and the requirements of the work object.

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