Escalator brushes

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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Anti-pinch devices should consist of rigid and flexible parts (e.g. brushes, rubber profiles). In practical applications, the application of brush performance better than rubber, basically make with aluminum alloy base and brush.


The first anti-pinch devices are made of aluminum alloy plus single or double row of iron brushes, in the actual installation, its installation inconvenience, corrosion resistance is gradually reflected. The major elevator manufacturers have adopted a new type of aluminum base plus plastic brush to replace the original iron brush as anti-escalator anti-folder device.

The main advantages

The common use of the new aluminum base + plastic brush, has the following accepted advantages by the major elevator manufacturers and users:


(1) Easy to install: Because the middle of the soft plastic brush to facilitate the bending of the elevator arc segments, you can easily insert the installed aluminum base. Will not appear tin brush can not bend, easy to deformation caused by the shortcomings can not be installed into the aluminum base, which greatly improves the efficiency of the installation.


(2) Rust prevention and corrosion resistance: Previous metal strip brush biggest flaw can not be installed outdoors. Once the water vapor will appear rusting, hair loss phenomenon. If you use stainless steel, will significantly increase the cost of the device. So the new plastic strip brush easily solve this problem. The device life greatly increased.


(3) Easy to replace: As a wearing part of the escalator, the brush on the escalator anti-clip device is easy to wear because of frequent friction. So replace the brush base in the middle of the aluminum base will become the daily maintenance of the elevator. Precisely because of the convenience of loading and unloading, plastic bar brush in the maintenance also greatly saves a lot of trouble.

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