Disc brush

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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The disc brush is a kind of cleaning, grinding, finishing, polishing, deburring effect of the items. Generally used to clean the ground, the surface of the treatment, to enhance the overall appearance of the workpiece beauty.


Disc brushes are widely used in a variety of industries:

1, cold-rolled plate and galvanized / tinplate sheet before processing and metal surface finishing

2, mechanical processing to remove burrs and chamfering

3, refrigerator compressor / air conditioning compressor parts finishing treatment

4, copper / aluminum with coil surface finishing

5, the electronic circuit board in the decontamination of copper and grinding pressure

6, the car gear processing / engine parts of the deburring plating and coating before the surface grinding

7, cast the surface of the grinding, deep hole / related holes to deburring

8, military weapons cleaning

9, Woodworking / Three-Plywood Surface Finishing / Complex Furniture Wooden Patterns Outstanding Machining / Concave Surface Grinding Operations

10, hydraulic cylinder liner surface polished


Disc brush features:

1, good acid and alkali resistance, good chemical resistance of organic solvents, do not destroy the original surface lightness, bristle water absorption is low, suitable for dry and wet conditions of grinding.

2, high durability, bristles tough, long service life.

3, bristles high strength, good strength, hyperboloid, convex surface, a variety of surfaces can be fully uniform grinding.


Disc brush in the industry, generally there are four types of applications, comes down to that is, in order to obtain the required surface finishing effect of the workpiece. Therefore, the main task of disc polishing brush is the surface of the workpiece processing. The following specific look at what are the four categories:

Satin surface modification: satin finish is the use of soft and thin polishing brush, the surface of the parts will be painted matte surface diffuse reflective layer of the process, it can make parts of the surface of the non-mirror-like flashing gloss.

Surface cleaning: the main use of disc polishing brush to clean the surface of the parts of the oxide, corrosion, the old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt, but also for the brush to the parts after the erosion of the residual floating ash.

Silk brush: the surface of the disc with a disc polishing brush a certain law, fine silk pattern, such as: wave pattern, fish scales, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of decoration.

Remove the burrs: remove the burrs on the edges of the parts after machining. This is also a wide range of disc polishing brushes used in industry.


Disc brush by material points: brush for the PP, PA, POM, PS, ABS, aluminum, electric board;

Brush wire for the PP, nylon, abrasive silk, sisal, pig hair and so on.

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