Floor cleaning brushes

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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The disc brush is the essential organ of all floor-cleaning machines and assures the efficiency of the equipment. The side brushes grab hold of the dust whilst the main/central brush guide the waste towards a built-in skip. Washing can be done by a washer/scrubber. From gentle sweeping to surface stripping, and only requiring a minimum of maintenance, floor-cleaning brushes must be able to respond to the most diverse requests, whether in a dry or damp environment.



Standard-size or made to measure, TOPSTAR Brush Machine produce floor cleaning brushes can be adapted to all types of machines, washers, scrubbers, sweepers, washers/sweepers and are used both indoors and outdoors. According to the job in hand, the main/central brushes have the filling in a helicoid or herringbone format. The finished brushes are fitted to all types of machines: American-Lincoln, Duleud, Tennat Nilfisk Advanced, Labor Hako, Wetrok, Comac, Cimex, Floor, etc.

Brush types:

·         Scrubbers (diameter 230 to 510 mm)

·         Main/central brushes

·         Side brushes 

Possible accessories:

Pad-drives for shiners, polishers, Strippers… (Discs with a wedge fixing system made with 2mm Rilsan fibres)

Possible fillings:

·         Polypropelene

·         Nylon

·         Tynex

·         Rilsan

·         Steel

·         Vegetable fibre

·         Animal fibre

·         Mixtures possibles

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