Power brushes

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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Power brushes are designed primarily for the removal of detritus, debris, swarf, burrs, waste and sharp edges. Power brushes are also essential for surface preparation or finishing, including steel, aluminum, timber and glass and can be used in most environments.

Power brushes can offer a variety of solutions for many production problems. Power brushes are available in the following configurations:

Wheel or Radial Brushes:
These brushes are mounted on a SPINDLE or an ARBOR (shank) to enable the face of the brush to have access to the working surface. These type of brushes can be banked together to make a wider face widths.  

Cup Brushes:
Cup brushes are shaped to enable the maximum number of filaments to make contact with the working surface. This enables a much more aggressive action, when used with power tools such as an angle grinder or drill.

End Brushes:
End brushes are used to clean the bottom of an aperture as well as cleaning specific spots on the work surface by binding (bridling) the wires.

Side Action Brushes:
These specialist brushes are used to clean apertures, such as bores, threads and cylinders. 

Wide faced Brushes:
These brushes are used primarily for metal processing and many production line applications, See wire roller brush in main section.

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