What is staple wire tufting type? The strengths and weaknesses of staple wire tufting type.

2016-11-23 10:55:36

Punch filled (or Staple set) brushes are produced by stapling tufts of wire, is the most traditional brush making process. After punching the surface of the brush base, use a round wire system brush machine to tuft the bristles into the brush base one by one. The cost of the brush made by this process is low, so the application of brush products is the most extensive. As a consumable product, the cost must be considered. The staple wire method is to use galvanized wire to be pressed into a "U"-shaped through a convex die, which is used to buckle the brush bristle and then inserted it into the punched hole, so that the brush bristle is combined with the brush base. Brushes with big hole diameter generally use round wire to tuft bristle and the pulling force is good!

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