Precautions for use

2016-11-23 10:54:53

1. Maintain a stable working voltage, prevent surge voltage from damage of electrical components.

2. Working 8-12 hours per day.

3. Please cut off the power when you don't use it for a long time.

4. Put the machine on a smooth surface.

5. Maintain the working environment of ventilation, to avoid high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive gases, strong electromagnetic interference, etc.

6. Keep the machine and working environment clean, beware of dust and other foreign objects adhering to the moving parts of the machine or electrical components.

7. Check whether the machine has abnormal vibration, noise and so on.

8. Attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of electrical components, to prevent the ventilation holes from being blocked by foreign bodies.

9. The power must be switched off before replacing the electrical components.

10. Do not disassemble machine parts or electrical components without permission.

11. Regularly check whether the machine has loosen moving parts, screws, belts, etc., if there is, tighten it. 

12. Lubricate the moving parts of the machine regularly. 

13. Don't force pull the obstruction or vigorously knock the tufting accessories when a serious blockage occurs, should take down the bristle-mouths to remove obstruction. 

14. Be sure to open two safety doors or start the emergency stop button during examine and repair. 

15. In case of short circuit or overload, check the cause of the failure, restart after clearing faults.

16. Do not frequent power on and power off.  Shutdown for (at least) 1 minute and then restart.

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