What is flat wire tufting type? Advantages and disadvantages of flat wire tufting type.

2016-11-23 10:56:34

Flat wire tufting is a process suitable for thinner brush base. After punching or injection molding holes on the surface of the brush base, the flat wire system brush machine is used to tuft the bristles into the brush base one by one. Because the brush is a consumable item, the cost must be considered, and most of the flat wire tufting methods are to save more costs in order to use thin brush block, Or avoid punching (round wool) to break the brush block through. The flat wire tufting method is to cut copper-plated or galvanized iron wire into small pieces, and then insert the brush bristles into the punched or injection-molded hole, so that the brush bristle is combined with the brush block. There are two small indentations on the sides of the hole, but it does not affect the appearance of the product. Flat wire tufting is also suitable for brush with smaller holes. But it is recommended to use round wire for tufting with a larger hole, and the pulling force will be better!

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