PBT monofilament features and application

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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PBT monofilament can be divided into: straight, deep ripple, medium ripple, shallow ripple. There are white, no light and other varieties.

PBT fiber Features:

1, high softness, high resilience, high hardness.

2, anti-wear, creep resistance.

3, good oil resistance, strong resistance to organic solvents.

4, low water absorption, good stability.


PBT monofilament is widely used: cosmetic brush, toothbrush, industrial cleaning brush, home cleaning brush.

PBT monofilament Application:

1, high-grade toothbrush and electric toothbrush.

2, bath brush and beauty makeup brush.

3, medical cleaning brush.

4, electrical parts dust brush.

5, industrial cleaning brush.


PBT fiber with a scientific double bristle structure, can effectively clean the tooth surface and tooth gap, soft texture of the bristles do not hurt the gums and enamel; superior performance PBT fiber low wear, no deformation can be long-term use; special added carbon Has a strong adsorption force, the release of far infrared and negative ion effect, can effectively eliminate bad breath, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, and massage the gums, promote gum health.

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