PET monofilament features and application

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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PET flagging silk, PET flowering silk, PET corrugated silk, PET straight silk


PET monofilament features: high strength, high flexibility, good wear resistance, good light resistance, poor hygroscopicity, poor dyeing, good bending resistance, high gloss, good hair.

Suitable for daily cleaning brush, laundry brush, toilet brush, broom, bed brush, and so on.


PET fiber quality is good or bad, how to distinguish?

1. Look. Look at its transmittance, its quality and transmittance is proportional.

2. Smell. Pure PET no taste, there is a quality problem if with taste.

3. Ask. Ask your supplier, about the source of material, to wonder if it’s recycle material.

4. Cut. Large area of the sampling, look at the situation of miscellaneous materials.

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