Mexican Tampico Fiber

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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Mexican white brown silk Tampico Fiber Tampico fiber Agave Lechugiua sisal fiber.


Mexican white brown silk is made of Mexican specialty natural plant Tampico Fiber Tampico fiber processing, this plant grows in northern Mexico called Agave Lechugiua semi-desertification area. This product is flexible, fine texture, has a unique rough surface and unique grinding characteristics to make it an ideal grinding supplies, widely used in a variety of metal, wood products manufacturing, industrial polishing the main raw materials used brush.


Sword Brush, Mexico Tampico White Brown / Sisal Fiber Brush, Tequila Bone Brush.

Sisal brush is a subtropical plant sisal fiber planted from the brush products.

Sisal brush wire, with a good toughness, high temperature, grease, commonly used in pot brush to oil. As sisal fiber is pure natural green plant fiber, but also for a variety of materials, wood concave and convex surface polishing, especially woodworking mechanical surface sanding machine, used for wood polishing and dust removal. Sisal brush is widely used in food and beverage industry.

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