Horse hair

2016-10-10 11:22:00


A brush made of machined horseshoe bristles is called a horse brush. As the yak hair and horse hair similar to the use of yak hair made of brushes are also known as horse brush.


With horse hair can be made of polishing wheel, horse hair cleaning brush, horse hair makeup brush, horse bristles brush roll and so on.


Horse hair brush is the main feature of the horse mane bristles soft, anti-static, a strong water absorption, cleaning effect is good.


Horse hair brush is mainly used for civil and industrial purposes.

Horse hair brush a wide range of civilian use, and more for the installation, cleaning, daily life.

Horse hair brush used in the industrial surface for polishing, because the horse has its soft and corrosion-resistant and does not damage the characteristics of the work surface, horse hair brush is also used for cutting-edge equipment, dust removal.


Horse hair raw materials mostly from outside Mongolia, northeast China. Ma hair according to their different parts of the growth can be divided into: horse mane, horse body hair, cauda equina, horseshoe and so on.

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