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Bristle, refers to the pig's neck and the back of the growth of more than 5 cm bristles, just tough and flexible, not easily deformed, resistant to moisture, free from hot and cold.


As the bristle raw materials cannot be synthetic, is a manual alternative to natural products, natural bristle market and thus enduring, become the seller's market thriving products. At present, the world's total demand for bristles about 650,000 TEUs, while the total output is only 250,000 TEUs, the gap is larger. China's bristle production accounts for more than 95% of the world's total output.


The main purpose of bristles is brush. In addition to the production of toothbrushes, clothing brush, brush and other life with a brush, three inches above the long mane, are generally used to make industrial brushes. To the war of the military industry, from the paint to the warships, aircraft and a variety of military vehicles to paint brush machine guns, artillery barrels, barrels, it is also the same cannot be separated from bristles.


Quality requirements for bristles:


High-quality bristles in the same color and glossy glossy, fork tip is not deep and flexible, thick and strong roots, hair tip without yellow or other colors.


Whether black bristles, white mane, as long as fully equipped with the following quality standards, can be classified as first-class goods, the lack of one or two, the quality of slightly worse for the second-class goods, the lack of two or more third-class goods.


Black mane quality standards: color black and shiny; no yellow hair tip: hair root stout; fork tip is not deep; no hair; not wet; no meat, ash and other impurities.


White mane quality standards: no yellow and black; less oil; with black mane other quality standards.


At present, China's supply and marketing system to buy bristles wool quality requirements are: white, black, yellow, separate color, no impurities, no rotten, dry and dry, according to eight levels of acquisition.

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