Industrial brush roller

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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Brush roller production process

Industrial brush roller generally uses 45 # steel or 201 #, 202 #, 304 # stainless steel as shaft.

The entire processing procedures of industrial roller brush include: axles, casing (pouring), eye-catching, tufting bristle, trimming.


Industrial brush roll specifications

Size (ф8-ф150) OD (ф25-ф800) Length (L10-L5000): The product is suitable for a variety of industries; maximum diameter up to 800mm, the longest processing to 5000mm; so a wide range of use of space. Brush body diameter and brush body bore coaxial degree, diameter 0.05mm hole 0.04mm

Brush bristle density: ф0.5-0.7mm 3000 root / d ф0.7-1.0mm 2500 root / d


Classification of industrial brush rollers

According to the brush roller brush wire arrangement, flying hair shape: can be divided into ordinary brush roller and shaped brush roller.

According to brush fiber material classification: can be divided into horse hair brush roll, bristle brush roll, sisal brush roller, wire brush roller, plastic filament brush roller, nylon silk brush roller, abrasive brush roller.


The application of the brush roller

Mainly used for: cleaning machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, steel processing and processing of deep processing, furniture processing industry, food machinery industry (the initial processing of vegetables and deep processing), sanitation machinery and so on.

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