The four main applications of industrial brush

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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The main application of industrial brush on the four aspects: dust, polishing, cleaning, grinding


   1. Dust brush, The main purpose of dust brush is to install the industrial equipment, pipelines, doors and windows and other parts of the import and export, to prevent dust through these gaps into the drilling, pollution equipment and products, so the brush wire requirements with a high elasticity, brush wire surface lubrication is better, it is also best to have anti-static function.


2. Polishing brush is mainly used for polishing the surface of the object to be deburring, fine grinding and other treatment, so for different requirements to determine the type and characteristics of brush wire, if it is a strong hardness of the steel plate to do surface plating , The ideal brush wire should be bronze wire, if it is the general metal materials to surface rust and deburring treatment, it is better to use a good wire can be;


3. Cleaning brush is the most commonly used industrial roller brush, generally used for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products of fruit and vegetable cleaning and industrial general cleaning and dust removal, the requirements of the brush wire to wear a better performance, high elastic Anti-corrosion and aging, long-term operation is not easy to deformation, if the brush wire performance is not good, when the object for a long time in a certain position will cause the brush roll groove, destruction of the use of roller brush function, Brush roll scrapped;


4. Grinding brush use of less, the general industrial grinding will be directly with grinding wheel and other abrasive to complete, these are not within the scope of industrial brushes, but for the textile industry sanding treatment, it is necessary to use silicon carbide abrasive The number (density) of the silicon carbide contained in the abrasive wire is appropriately adjusted with the strength of the fabric to be worn and the effect of grinding.


Nylon 610 brush wire anti-wear performance is better, with high temperature and acid and other characteristics, but the 610 is not very good elasticity, easy to work for a long time difficult to restore deformation, so 610 for industrial dust and cleaning for more rugged parts, Such as the mine terminal dust, sanitation car sweeping brush, etc.; PBT flexibility is better than 610, but less than 610 wear resistance, PBT performance is softer, the most suitable for fine parts cleaning and decontamination, such as car surface cleaning, air conditioning Ductile cleaning, and so on; and 1010 the best flexibility, the highest cost, but the wear resistance of less than 610, the appearance of a relatively good performance, impact resistance, anti-aging performance is also very good, the most suitable for industrial equipment and doors and windows Such as dust-proof parts.


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