The precautions for use brush roller

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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When people use the brush roller at the same time, sometimes found that this or that problem, so the product quality of the question, in fact, as long as the manufacturer and the use of manufacturers attention to the following points, then you can avoid any problem.


1, before delivery, brush roller must be clean up, packed, because in the process of filled hair and flat hair will produce a lot of shredded hair, so before the packaging to brush the hair to sort out, and to clean up the shredded clean.


2, from the manufacturer to the user in the transport process, in order to prevent debris, dust on the brush wire dip, to use the packaging, packaging bags and other packaging to be packaged to prevent damage to the phenomenon of brush roller.


3, before the arrival of the user, be careful not to directly brush the wire exposed to the outside (without any packaging), on the ground or other polluted environment.


4, in the brush roller shaft pad on the mat, in order to keep the brush fiber upright, clean.

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