What are the dimensions of the tufting tools.

2016-11-23 11:05:56

The size of the tufting spare part is usually based on three data, the hole diameter, the diameter of the staple wire and the length of the staple wire after cutting.


Taking the hole of 4.0 as an example, the standard size is 4.0-16*0.8mm, which means the aperture of 4.0, the 0.8 diameter of staple wire, and the cutting length is 16mm. This is not the only one, different customers have different requirements, such as 4.0-14*0.8mm, 4.0-14*0.7mm.

Another example is the hole 3.0, the size of tufting set is usually 3.0-12*0.6mm or 3.0-10*0.6mm.


Please tell us the size of the accessories according to your products. Thanks!

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