The Turkey customer Mr. Hassan and his GM visited us

2017-07-11 12:15:00


The Turkey customer Mr. Hassan and his general manager visited our factory. 

Hassan drove personally to our factory from Shenzhen. After greeting, he and his GM walked directly to our 5 axis 3 head drilling and filling machine, and checked every detail of the integrated machine carefully. They were the professional customer for sure. 

After a few minutes, we started machine to show them machine running and system operation. They satisfied with the performance of the machine.   


We went on guiding them to travel around our workshop. The manager has been taking video all the time, from A to Z, seems that he didn’t want to miss any detail and any information. 

After looking around, we finally sat around a table and began a formal communication between us.   

Hassan listened carefully to us about the history of our company and made notes in his book. And talked to us about their company information in return. We have a happy talking and expect for good strategic cooperation. 



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