The Mexican customer Mr. David visited us

2017-07-19 18:11:00


On July 10th 2017, The Mexican customer senior grandfather Mr. David and grandson Mr. David visited our factory.

They were very interested in our mature product 5 axis 3 head drilling and filling machine, and looked at the machine very carefully, and saw machine making of round toilet brushes on the spot.  


In the lunch time, senior Mr. David was very kind to share us with his families’ photos. Little David looks very cute when he was a child. Now he is a university student and is major in medicine.

On July 12th 2017, they came visit us again and checked another type of platform to make brooms. They very satisfied with the machine.



On July 19th 2017, they came visit us the third time, go on checking some trimming machines, and talked with us about details of order. Thank very much for trust!

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