The Russian customers Mr. Surgey came visit us

2018-04-22 17:38:08



The two Mr. Surgey from Russia came visit us with their translator Mr. Royal. 

The two Mr. Sergey observed our machines attentively throughout the whole process, they looked at the 5 axis 3 head drilling and tufting machine, the 8 axis 3-in-1 drilling and filling machine, single head tufting machine, and the wire brush drilling and tufting machine, etc. 

Obviously, they know the machines very well and hardly need our introduction. Then go straight to the point how much is the best price of the machines. We felt that their purchase plan was very clear, so we also quoted the best price in return. 

As expected, Mr. Sergey asked us to make a draft of contract right away. They first ordered a 5-axis 3-head drilling and tufting machine. After confirming the contract details, he motioned us to stamp on the contracts, and they would take away one of the originals. And they said that they would deposit to us and send samples to us after returning to Russia. 

Thanks very much for their trust and wish we have a happy cooperation!



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