Pure nylon monofilament features and application

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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Pure nylon monofilament made of high quality nylon N612, N1010, N610, N66, N6 and other raw materials by melt spinning, without grinding sand, brush wire has excellent overall performance: resilience, rigidity, impact resistance, wear Sex, chemical inertia, rich colors, high performance, widely used in industrial cleaning brush, beauty brush, toothbrush, cleaning brush, hair brush and so on.


The main features of nylon (PA) are:

1, high softness, excellent elastic memory;

2, excellent anti-chemical reaction, anti-fouling, excellent anti-wear;

3, can work at high temperatures, to withstand high temperature sterilization;

4, low water absorption;

5, will not appear surface flaking.


Pure nylon can be made of raw materials, can be made into a specific function and use of monofilaments, such as: anti-static wire, flame retardant wire, high temperature silk, anti-acid and alkali wire, flowering silk, anti-hyphae, aromatic silk and other special brush wire To meet specific needs.


Pure nylon monofilament can be made of corrugated wire and straight wire, a variety of cross-sectional shape to choose from, such as: cross, polygons and so on.

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