Abrasive fiber features and application

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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Industrial abrasive wire (referred to as abrasive silk) is a high-quality nylon carrier, dissolved in silicon carbide (SIC) and alumina (AO) and other abrasive blended special brush wire, for finishing, polishing, deburring and other industrial surfaces Grinding, cleaning, changing the surface roughness.

Abrasive wire commonly used particle size: # 600, # 800, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200, # 1200,


Different nylon-made abrasive yarns have different price and performance characteristics, such as: N612 the most expensive, the lowest water absorption, excellent performance, as an important mechanical parts, or a high degree of automation, or high added value, or the best use of the best N6 is the cheapest, high water absorption, soft, but the best impact resistance, suitable for flexible dry grinding conditions; N610 affordable, wide adaptability, suitable for slow speed, fast scrapped, sensitive price of industrial brushes, such as: Stone brush, tool brush, PCB brush roller and so on.

Nylon performance difference:

Resilience: N6 <N66 <N610 <N1010 <N612

Water absorption: N612 <N1010 <N610 <N66 <N6

Fatigue resistance: N6 <N66 <N610 <N1010 <N612

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