Wire type of wire brush

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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There are two types of wires, straight wire and curved wire (corrugated wire).

Straight wire is suitable for drilling and tufting brushes, such as wood wire brush, wood handle wire brush, disc steel wire brush, etc.; and the application range of curved wire is widely used in every type of wire brush, especially for non-curved wire the spring wire brush roller. If with straight wire, the wire after the fold cannot be standardized, neat, and the song because of its own bending in the production can be relatively close to the nearby brush wire, so that even after the wire even if the asymmetry, The tilt is also slightly cannot see, and so surrounded by the surface of the brush roller steel wire is more high density, strong, rust and rebound strength.


Wire fiber used in the wire type 201 #, 206 #, 304 #, 316 # ordinary steel; needle cloth wire, copper wire, spring smooth steel wire, etc., for different purposes to select the appropriate type of wire, select a different wire diameter, so to avoid unnecessary waste and achieve the desired cleaning effect.

201 # steel wire soaked after the more rusty, 206 # stainless steel wire toughness than the 204 # is much stronger for aluminum plants on the aluminum surface scratches, the rationale for special treatment, or for the plastic industry, wood Deburring and so on. 304 # stainless steel wire is a relatively high quality of a wire, it is not only tough and strong, and acid and alkali resistance, suitable for steel or mining, machinery manufacturing industry, the steel surface rust, to oil, pickling and so on.


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