The type and use of industrial brushes

2016-10-10 11:32:10

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Industrial brush is based on the civilian brush to upgrade and improve the new products, the main purpose is the industrialization of the production process of cleaning, dust, polishing, etc., after the application of the application from the material to distinguish the specifics of the following major items:

1, gold-bearing steel abrasive silk brush roller: the main application in the steel or other hardware industry, used to clean the steel to rust, other cast parts of the deburring light processing, steel, aluminum, copper and other products Of the polished and mirror effect processing, gold sand abrasive brush wire is the silicon carbide material fusion into the nylon, and then made of brush wire, silk wire after forming to maintain the flexibility and toughness of nylon, silicon carbide played a role in grinding.

2, wire wheel, wire brush roller: the main application in the stone grinding, marble granite and other products of the surface treatment, the main role is to polish and sanding to eliminate the uneven surface of the stone to make it smooth, smooth.

3, nylon brush roller: should be the most extensive, mainly used for industrial cleaning, fruit and vegetable and other industrial production before the packaging cleaning.

4, bristle brush wheel, bristle brush roller: the main process is the use of special requirements of high temperature, good elasticity, high hardness, anti-wear operations, such as the textile industry singeing machine, sub-frame, dyeing and finishing plant used The edge is used to press the cloth into the needle plate.

5, horse hair brush roller: based on the ordinary brush roller replacement materials, due to Ma Ma's wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, usually used to deal with leather, flooring, furniture, surface polishing, waxing, sealing glaze.

6, sisal wheel, sisal brush roller: the role of the same with other brush roller, but the material is relatively hard, suitable for special polishing process, grinding operations.

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