The Taiwanese customer Mr. Kwok came for training

2018-01-30 17:58:12


Mr. Kwok from Taiwan came visit us with his wife in 2017, and ordered an 8 axis 3-in-1 drilling and filling machine at the same year.

When school begins the winter vacation holiday, he brought his son and his daughter and his assistant Miss Chan to come here for training. 

The three young people are very motivated to study, listen carefully to the technician’s explanation of the key points of operation, and ask questions from time to time to deepen their understanding. They arrive on time every day according to our working hours, eat staff meals with us at noon every day, and return to the hotel to rest according to our off-duty hours. During a few days of training, I can feel that this father has a vision for the cultivation of his children. The three young people have a strong ability to learn new knowledge, and they had a good team work and completed the practical assessment. 

After training, they can finally start their China tour! Mr. Kwok will take them to visit the characteristic cities of China. Wish them a wonderful journey!




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