The common brush roller types and applications

2016-10-10 11:32:00

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1, nylon brush roller: high elasticity, high wear resistance, high temperature of the 1010 nylon silk brush roll in the food industry is very popular, because the material is non-toxic non-polluting food grade. Its high wear resistance, high temperature resistance in the textile, printing and dyeing industry is also very popular. Its high elasticity features a wide range of glass cleaning and other cleaning industries.


2, abrasive brush roller: abrasive wire to add gold and other special materials, its wear resistance even more on the nylon silk. Because of its acid, alkali and other characteristics, mainly used in the steel industry or other hardware industry, used to clean the steel plate to the scale oxide, steel processing, galvanized steel production, steel color coating; other casting Of the polishing operation, steel, aluminum, copper and other products, polished and mirror effect processing and other industries. The abrasive nylon brush wire is made of nylon 612 as the base material, combined with the addition of 20-40% silicon carbide or alumina wire drawing processing of special bristles. Has a high strength / rigidity / fatigue resistance / chemical resistance / melting point higher advantages.


3, sisal brush roller: the traditional nylon bristles, PP bristles and other chemical materials in the brush roller under high-speed operation is easy to produce static electricity, can not achieve the ideal polishing effect. The use of Mexican natural plant sisal as a bristle can solve the static problem of operation, and dust effect is good, durable. Because of its natural material, used for furniture sheet pretreatment rough, polished and so on. Also widely used for tiles and other uses of polishing.


4, horse hair brush roller: the effect of the application than the ordinary brush roll is better, is the second development of the brush roller, wear and corrosion in the horse brush roller than the ordinary brush roller performance is more prominent, usually Used to deal with leather, flooring, furniture and other surface polishing, waxing, sealing glaze.


5, plastic brush roller: used in stainless steel surface cleaning / polishing, copper belt, strip surface polishing, thin copper surface cleaning / descaling / cleaning / polishing, removal of blackening process after surface oxide, tubular surface cleaning , Urban roads, highway snow cleaning and so on.


6, bristle brush roller: the main process is the use of special requirements of high temperature, good elasticity, high hardness, anti-wear operations, such as the textile industry singeing machine, sub-machine.

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