Ingredient features of nylon silk

2016-10-10 11:22:00

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     1. Nylon is currently common with abrasive nylon used nylon: nylon 612, nylon 1010. Features: a. Excellent bending recovery capacity; b. Moisture absorption is low; c. in the humid environment, high hardness; d. Wear.


      2. Abrasive with nylon abrasive used for silicon carbide SiC and alumina Al2O3. Abrasive particles are cubic. The particle size is from 46 mesh to 2000 mesh. Alumina is less prone to breakage than silicon carbide and is often used to trim softer metals. In the silicon carbide abrasive, the content of aluminum iron is less than 0.1% and does not contain iron. So the silicon carbide made of the brush, can be safely used in aluminum products, and there will be no corrosion caused by iron pollution. In general, silicon carbide is harder and more durable than alumina.


      3. Contains abrasive nylon wire Nylon, abrasive and a small amount of additives in the extruder to stir evenly, out of a variety of abrasive nylon wire. Abrasive content is generally 20%, 30%. (SiC), 0.55 × 320 # (SiC), 0.55 × 120 # (SiC), 0.75 × 240 # (SiC), 0.88 × 180 # (SiC), 1.0 x 120 # (SiC).


  4. The impact of the environment on abrasive nylon yarn a. Temperature hardness at 0 higher than twice the room temperature, high temperature and low hardness. The abrasive nylon is hard at low temperatures and does not become brittle. Therefore, the temperature should be minimized when used. By controlling the brush speed and pressure, the use of water or oil coolant and other methods to minimize the temperature. b. Humidity and humidity have different effects on the hardness and rigidity of abrasive nylon filament. The choice of nylon 612 has the least effect on humidity change.


       Nylon silk composition is not the same, then his wear and strength is not the same, such as nylon 612 is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Some relatively soft, mainly to see where the use of what is used to configure the brush bristle.

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