Brush classification

2016-10-10 11:32:00

Brush classification is divided into civilian brushes and industrial brushes.


Civil brushes

Civil brush is the brushes that people use for cleaning in daily life. Such as toothbrush, paint brush, home cleaning brush, make-up brush, all for cleaning dust and so on.

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Industrial brushes

Industrial brush applications cover almost all industries, its main purpose is the industrial production process of cleaning, dust, polishing and so on. According to the production process to points, basically can be divided into five categories: punch filled brush, strip brush, spring brush, twist brush, injection brush and so on. According to the use of categories can be divided into brush roll, roller brush, brush wheel, disc brush, lath brush, board brush, irregular shaped brush and so on. According to the brush wire material can be divided into nylon brush, wire brush, copper brush, plastic brush, horse hair brush, bristle brush, wool brush, sisal brush, abrasive brush, cotton brush and so on.

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